Crossing Thresholds Consciously

Threshold ceremonies include all of life’s passages from birth and baby welcoming, to school graduations, to home and business blessings, to weddings and renewal of vows to cronings to retirement acknowledgements and memorial and funeral services. Our culture honors weddings and deaths but often overlooks the importance of other life passages. When we create a ceremony tailored to your particular viewpoints and beliefs, your life is made richer because you are stepping through the thresholds consciously.

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New Moon Ceremonies

I am offering New Moon ceremonies as a way to become comfortable with endings. We honor endings, release, let go of, give away and for give as a way of practicing the reality of death.

“Accepting, and even embracing, the idea that we are impermanent beings brings the freedom to live more from our hearts and give us the courage to take risks in order to live a full, unapologetic life.” The Power of a Broken-Open Heart by Julie Interrante