Margo Chamberlain

Touching on Taboos

Celebrating Money, Aging and Death


Welcome home — to a safe place where we can talk about the elephant in the middle of the room – about that which is obvious to everyone and acknowledged by few.


At last, a safe place to learn about money and how to develop a happy healthy relationship (yes, a relationship!) with it.


At last, a safe place to notice how vibrant we are as we age – to notice that we are healthier now than ever before – a place to tell the truth about how happy we are now in the last third of our lives.


At last, a circle of travelers looking for a more satisfying experience – one that grows us and expands our hearts.


At last, a circle of like-minded women and men who notice and celebrate thresholds whether they be a new moon or a first kiss, a new friendship or loss of a job or a new place to live.


At last, a circle of like-minded women and men who are accepting our mortality and noticing that life is so much sweeter when we have welcomed and planned for our goodbyes.


Welcome home — to good company, meaningful conversation, uplifting energy, praises and gratitude.